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How to Make Your Lips Bigger

Luscious lips have always been the trademark of the most popular movies sex symbols, associated with the term "kissable lips". For a number of reasons, lip augmentation has became a popular cosmetic procedure over time.

Make Your Lips Bigger

It Started in the 1980s

In the 1980s, new techniques and fillers caused the boom lasting until the present. Women of all ages and races sought fuller, plumper lips to improve their appearance and reduce fine wrinkles around the mouth. Sensual lips are not limited to females so it is not strange that some men undergo this procedure, although with different approach in lips' shape and size.

Types of Lip Augmentation

The most common filler is collagen, which must be injected by a certified surgeon. Due to the simple procedure, it is usual that some beauty parlors and clinics offer lip augmentation without meeting the requirements of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) or the American Board of Plastic Surgery (ABPS).

Even when a sensual look is the most wanting result for lip augmentation, aging is another reason to undergo this procedure. Facial muscle movement, sun exposure and effects of gravity change the size and shape of lips through the years, hence injectable fillers may be used alone or around a facelift or resurfacing procedure.

There are several natural or synthetic biocompatible materials for lip augmentation. Collagen is a popular filler, but surgeons prefer the patients own fat or an implant for long-lasting results, since most injections improve the appearance of lips temporarily, requiring periodic refills. Implants are made of similar materials but inserted into the lips through microscopic incisions.

AlloDerm is the usual implant chosen by surgeons and patients alike, consisting of a natural collagen sheet made from donated skin. Other implants are often questioned due to its nature, particularly those made from skin of deceased people. Other synthetic materials also produce longer results, such as soft ePTFE, SoftForm and Gore-Tex.


For Lip augmentation there is a number of injectable materials to choose from: autologen, dermalogen, fascia, hylaform, radiance, and restylane, which is a crystal-clear gel very close to that naturally found in the body. Prominent, well defined lips produce a youthful, healthy look, and the procedure that can be complemented with filling full, high cheeks.

Collagen popularity comes from the easy application, but this is the filler with the shorter result, requiring a new injection every 9 to 12 weeks, with the risk of scarring effects after too many applications. In addition, some people may have allergic reactions to collagen, other fillers, or lidocaine, the local anesthetic applied for lip augmentation.


In some cases, surgeons can recommend another technique: laser lip rejuvenation. This procedure allows the surgeon to tighten natural elastic tissue and collagen beneath the patient's lips. However, all injectable cosmetic procedures bring temporary results, as materials are metabolized by the body with the passing of time.

After lip augmentation, people can resume their normal activity immediately, and only a few individuals experience mild bruising, swelling, or redness around the lips.

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