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Metabolife Ultra Review: Does it Really Work?

Metabolife Ultra Reviews: What is It?

This product claims to be a weight loss formula that has a breakthrough appetite suppressant that is specially formulated for sustained energy. It claims to help you overcome various weight loss obstacles with a specialized formula that helps to increase the energy levels while also curbing your appetite. Moreover it claims to do this by including ingredients that promote sustained energy, with help of certain effective ingredients.

Manufacturer Details 
The manufacturer of this product is Metabolife International Inc. This manufacturer is known for manufacturing products designed to suppress appetite, provide energy to aid in achieving weight loss and maintenance goals and increase metabolism.

Initially the company's popular product was Metabolife 356 that contained ephedra in it and this was later banned.

Ingredients and their working
The ingredients present in this product are:

Calcium (in composition of 140mg:
This ingredient is essential for various processes in the body. It is most importantly required for the mineralisation of bone and teeth. In various researches it is found that high calcium diets may reduce body fat storage, particularly calcium from dairy products. This means that a diet rich in low-fat dairy foods, which is rich in calcium can aid weight loss effectively.

Chromemate as Chromium Piccolinate (in composition of 133mcg):
This ingredient is found in various diet pills as anecdotal evidence suggests that it can help burn and boost energy levels. As per a recent in-depth study it was found that this ingredient is not so effective for weight loss.

Super CitriMax (in other words Garcinia Extract):
This dried fruit rind of Garcinia cambogia containing hydroxycitric acid (HCA) has been used for centuries in Southeast Asia for appetite suppression.

This is a very popular ingredient for weight loss and is present in most diet pills. There is good evidence to suggest that it can boost metabolism and help in appetite suppression as well. There are no indications as to exactly how much is included in this supplement, and this could potentially be bad news if you are susceptible to high dosages of caffeine.

Co-Enzyme Q-10:
This is a natural coenzyme in the body whose increased quantities are said to help break down fat and convert it to energy. Subjective evidence says that it can help when combined with a low-calorie diet, yet there are no indications of exact quantities used here.

It has an effective ingredient list.
The official website gives composition of the ingredients used.

There are no clinical proofs for the efficacy of this product.
The manufacturer provides no money back guarantee also.
Some details regarding the product are missing.

The recommended dose of this product is 2 pills a day.

Side effects of Metabolife Ultra
Some side effects of this product are:
Rapid heart rate,
Increased blood pressure

Well, despite of such huge claims the product seems not so effective as its official website lacks various details regarding this product. Moreover there are a lot of side effects also associated with this product.

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