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Apidexin PM Reviews: Does it Work?

Apidexin PM Overview?

Apidexin PM claims to work throughout the night to reduce body fat and also helps you to sleep better. It is designed to be taken in combination with exercise and a healthy diet. This dietary supplement also reduces hunger by 24%. According to the official website, a person can lose 28.1 times extra weight during sleep through the night. It comes in form of a capsule to make it easy to consume and the cost of one bottle is $29.95, which you can purchase it from official website. The company also offers a 90 day money back guarantee on all purchases.

Ingredients and how do they work

Official website features complete list of ingredients that are:

Irvingia Gabonensis: This ingredient is commonly used in weight loss products, it suppress appetite, lower cholesterol and helps to burn fat. It works through manipulation of hormone leptin secreted by fat cells. This hormone is well connected with brain and controls metabolism and appetite.
Chromax: This is a patented form of chromium and it helps to suppress hunger and reduce your daily calorie intake.
HOPS (Humulus lupulus): These flowers help to improve your sleep, anxiety, tension and nervousness. It works by slowing down GABA breakdown as well as acting via the melatonin receptors.
Melatonin: This is a natural hormone that regulates circadian rhythms. At night the production of melatonin increases and relaxes your body and gives you a sound sleep.
Zinc: It is a vitamin used to treat sleeping disorders, restlessness and anxiety. It helps individuals who can’t sleep properly.
Vitamin B6: It assists in the production of serotonin for balancing your mood. It is also used to treat nausea and bloating.


  • It contains vitamins that help to improve sleep disorders 
  • All the ingredients are explained in detail on official website
  • It helps to lose weight along with giving you a good night’s sleep


  • No clinical research has been done on this supplement
  • Official website features no customer reviews


Two capsules of Apidexin PM are recommended every night before going to sleep. However, a sensible diet plan and exercise regime is a must along with this weight loss product.

Side effects

There are some potential side effects that you can experience while taking this supplement. In the morning you can get severe headache. It can also cause jitters, restlessness as well as constipation.

Final word

Apidexin PM is a nighttime weight loss formula, it is stimulant-free and said to improve your sleep patterns, reduce stress and at the same time help you to lose weight. The ingredients made up of sleep aids and a few different approaches to weight loss are combined in it. Chromax is a natural blood sugar regulator that helps you to control your sugar and carbs cravings. But the product is not FDA approved and there are ingredients that cause certain side effects. There is a 90 day money back guarantee but there are no customer testimonials on its official website.

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