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Appedex In-depth Review: What are The Side Effect?

What is Appedex?
Appedex weight loss formula works in two ways. It helps the users lose weight by both suppressing appetite and burning fat. The official website shows that this dietary supplement was rated number one diet pill of 2011. It claims to be a formula free of Caffeine and capable of burning unwanted body fat from the users’ body while curbing hunger cravings both at the same time. It doesn't depend on stimulants to boost energy levels. It can increase energy by inducing this increased breakdown of fats. It claims to work without following any restricted diet or rigorous exercise. Each bottle comes with a large price tag though there is a money back guarantee.

Ingredients and how do they work
Appedex diet contains the effective weight loss ingredients. A complete list is shown on the official website.

Some of the ingredients used in it have been scientifically proven to help in weight loss:

Chromax: This substance is beneficial and helps to maintain blood sugar levels as well as reduces sugar cravings. It decreases body weight by reducing your daily calorie intake.
Leangard: This substance increases metabolic process and act as an appetite suppressant. It is made with the combination of GarCitrin, Bioperine and ForsLean.
Caralluma Fimbriata: This is actually a cactus extract that helps to satisfy hunger for long time periods.
Irvingia Gabonensis: This extract is from a plant seed found in Western Africa. It prevents your body from storing fat cells and breakdown the fat cells that are already stored inside.
Fucoxanthin: This substance is said to reduce belly fat, it is extracted from edible brown seaweeds. But it is not tested on humans.

  • The formula doesn't include stimulants
  • Some ingredients used in it are tested to prove their effectiveness
  • You can purchase it from its official website.
  • The regular price of Appedex is extremely high
  • There are many negative side effects associated with this product
  • No free trial offer
  • There are no customer testimonials available on the site.
Though this product claims to help lose weight without planning any diet or a healthy exercise but for better results it must be taken by following these ways. Take the capsules twice a day before having breakfast or lunch. You can take one or two caps at a time depending on your weight loss goals.

Side effects
You must be aware of possible risks before using this diet pill. Because of the ingredients used in Appedex some users may experience changes in blood sugar levels or upset stomach. Consult your healthcare provider before using it.

Final word
The main purpose of this product is to help burn off more fat, increase lean muscle mass and reduce the intake of daily calories. This supplement is said to be free of stimulants like caffeine. The other ingredients used in it suppress your appetite but they also cause certain side effects.

This product also claims to improve the fat burning abilities of the body. A single bottle only lasts 28 days and its regular price is very high. All the claims made by this product are not backed by any clinical research. It is upon you to decide whether or not to try this product.

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