Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Wedding Preparation: Is It Stressful?

Every women and men are dreaming of extravagance wedding. This is a big day for every couple who love each other very much. But before the big day comes, of course groom and bride has different tasks to do. In order to complete the wedding celebration, there are many task and responsibilities that they will comply.

Sometimes preparation for this wedding celebration can be a stressful one because you will plan it one by one, from venue, visitors, food to eat or who will be the best man and brides made to your wedding. In order to avoid stress, I think proper preparation is important.

For me to plan a wedding celebration twelve months before the wedding is good. If you prepare a wedding near the date that you pick, you will run out of time of picking venue, food, wedding dress etc. It is important that the time is long enough for you to prepare for your big event.

These are some of the task that I think you should take down in order to do the celebration:

1. Establish a wedding Budget.
2. Take down a visitors list.
3. Pick a Venue or church
4. Choosing the right wedding dress for groom, bride, bridesmade, bestman, etc.
5. Wedding Accessories
6. List the right food to eat
7. Invitations
8. Select the best photographer
9. Choose a date for the wedding rehearsal
10. Wedding Cake
11. Souvenir Items
12. Honeymoon Venue
13. Makeup Artist

Preparation for wedding is easy but can be stressful one. Sometimes we make stress not just because of the time but also in budget. For me it’s not about how expensive your wedding, the most important is you do prefer well your wedding celebration.

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