Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Listen to Your Children

Sometimes, communicating with our youngster is difficult, especially when they are now teenagers. There are some activities that they do every day, such as in school, hanging out with friends; sometimes it’s so late at night before we see them. It is important that communication between children and parent are always practice at house or home.

Be sure to make a day that the family is together, there is always a time for talking and listening about the things they do every day.

Half of our life spends in school when we are a student right? So I think our children too. And parent also has other priorities such as going to work and office. But even those activities are we doing every day, it is important that there is a strong communications between parent and children. Always listen to what your children are talking about when they are spoken. Their feelings, opinions and views should always discuss.

There are some children grow up with depression because for some reason when they are children they don’t know whom they going to tell their problems, they think that there’s no person who is not listening to them.

Responding on their situations is important because you help them to express what they feel. To allow their emotions come up naturally. It is important to listen to them and give advice, because it helps them to be mature and helps them to overcome fear. Depression will resolve.

Some children tell their situation more on friends that to parent, although it’s ok but it’s always important that parent should know first because you as parents are the people who truly can understand what your children feels.

Good Communication and listening are important and a trait of becoming a successful in parenting. Listening from your children helps them to grow more and overcome fear at their stages

Carolina Monroe Written by: Carolina
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