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How To Get Up And Go This Autumn

It happens to us all what with the darker days and the chillier temperatures however, staying indoors and eating lots of warm grub isn't always the best remedy to enjoy the months of autumn.
In fact, the more we want to hibernate the stronger the desire to stay put takes hold and although we often need to get out for work or to go shopping the longer we can keep out of the house then the better it will be for energy, happiness and general levels of well-being.

Below are just a selection of tips to keep you happy and active this autumn and even if you're not feeling up for doing anything too strenuous then turning off the TV when you're indoors is always a great place to start on your road to get up and go.

Weekly routine
If you can make a few tweaks to your weekly routine to introduce some stretches or different things to do then all the better. Waking up a little earlier or visiting a museum, gallery or library every Wednesday after work are great habits to have and just because it's dark doesn't mean that the world has to stop. Find something new or just do something you enjoy, whatever it is, do it regularly and you'll have something to look forward to rather than another night in front of the box.

Stay in control
If you're aware of what you're doing and feel comfortable that you've got your work/life balance right then good for you however, for many, sometimes the autumn provides the perfect excuse to let things go. Keep abreast of what you're eating and when you're eating i.e. try to cut down on snacks in between meals and eating after 7pm. Don't let the pre-party season get out of hand and limit your booze intake to a sensible amount rather than simply letting yourself get dazed and confused in a socialising spiral of despair.

Start something new
A great way to keep energy levels high in the autumn is to start a new project or join a new club. Learning something new is ideal for keeping your mind fresh and active no matter what the time of year and no sooner than you're researching, reading or doing whatever it is you fancy then those leaves falling from the trees will be of no consequence. Language lessons, a new sport or just getting round to a bit of DIY – autumn is the season to do so get out there and do it.

Autumnal picnics
Just because the days are getting shorter and the temperature is starting to drop doesn't mean that we have to stay inside all day or lay in bed all morning. Set your alarm clock even at the weekend and pack a picnic for a good old walk in the country. Autumn picnics are an awesome way to wrap up warm, save money and get outdoors with home-made bread, soup and sandwiches always the perfect antidote to the winter blues.

Friends for dinner
These days going to the pub or out for a meal can be quite an expensive experience and come the autumn sometimes the last thing we want to do is trudge out on a cold evening searching for solace from the dark. Best advice is to get a few friends over for dinner and bring the social world to your door. Cooking, drinking and generally enjoying each other's company is simply what autumns are made for and if you invite a group to you then no doubt they'll reciprocate in the future.

Plan events
Getting excited is what the autumn should be all about and from Christmas and the New Year to planning a party for your best mate, often when we plan ahead we don't have the time to dwell and wallow when the clocks go back. If you're on your own then plan your singles holidays, if you're with the family then why not plan a few weekends away? Before you know it the autumn will be flying by so you may want to hold onto it while you still can.

Reward yourself
Let's face it: getting outdoors during the autumn can often be a bit of a chore so once you feel that you've done enough on an autumnal day then why not reward yourself with something delicious. Slow cookers are certainly a great way to enjoy a day outdoors and then return to the smells of wholesome home-cooked food and even if you're just looking forward to a bit of mulled wine and cheese at the end of a lengthy autumnal walk then why not, you deserve it.

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