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Supplements for Women Better Health

One of the most confusing health concerns for women is what type of vitamins should they be taking daily. Everybody needs certain nutrients that our bodies just don't have the ability to make on its own. Women, especially older women need vitamins to help give their bodies the nutrients necessary to function correctly. If you are a woman you must make sure the supplements you're taking are benefiting you when it comes to a variety of things like babies, bones, fertility, fetal development, weight loss, and certain illnesses. Take a look below at some of the most important vitamin supplements you should start taking as a woman.

Black Cohosh
Black cohosh supplements can help you control hot flashes you may experience during menopause. Black Cohosh will also help you ease symptoms of PMS, induce labor, lower high blood pressure, treat arthritis, stop dryness in the vagina, stop night sweats, stop sleep issues, stop headaches, and much more. You shouldn't take no more than 40mg of this supplement daily to avoid any side effects like headaches.

Omega 3
Omega 3's have overwhelming advantages for people who take them regularly. The more omega 3 fatty acids you intake the better your body will be at avoiding health problems like high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, infertility, premature birth, osteoporosis, and alzheimer's. Omega 3 contains some great anti-inflammatory properties that can help women improve the the health of their breast, heart, bones, infertility, premature birth, and are very beneficial for menopausal females that experience menopausal issues like hot flashes. If you are pregnant taking more omega 3 fatty acids will help reduce your chances of a premature birth.

The development of your baby's brain requires the omega 3 fatty acids. If you normally suffer from PMS symptoms omega 3 fatty acids can help you avoid the pain you experience each month and stop cramping. Every woman is at some kind of risk of breast cancer and omega 3 fatty acids can help prevent breast cancer cells from forming. If you are trying to get more shine to your skin and hair take more omega 3's to hydrate the cells of your body. Infertility is can be caused by a lack of eicosanoids, which can be increased through the intake of omega 3s. Women who take omega 3's daily decrease hormonal imbalances within the body and improve blood flow to the uterus. The chances of women developing bone weakening issues like osteoporosis is much higher then men. This means women should increase their daily intake of calcium in order to improve the strength of their bones. It is advised that pre-menopausal women take at least 1,000mg daily of calcium to maintain the health of their bones.

Folate is one of the eight B vitamins that can help women in a number of ways. Women over 40 that are expecting a child should increase their folate intake to help prevent birth defects that are normally associated with pregnant women at this age. Folate will help improve your brain function and prevent age related brain issues like Alzheimer's.

Probiotics supplements can benefit women in more ways than one. Probiotics contain healthy bacteria necessary for women to avoid certain health problems like yeast and urinary tract infections. Taking these supplements will help you maintain a healthy balance of good and bad bacteria to improve your overall health. You can take probiotic supplements once or twice daily to improve your bowel health. Try to tak a daily dosage of at least 5 billion colony forming units of probiotics daily.
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