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How To Increase Your Weight Loss Efforts

Gaining weight is easy; real problem is losing it. Weight can be tough to lose considering the fact that you have to follow different regimes of exercises along with dieting. Commitment and effort is imperative, but for most it is incredibly hard. Hectic routines and millions of other responsibilities make it excruciatingly difficult to remain committed to your goal of losing weight. There are many weight loss supplements available in the market as well, but most of them can have adverse reactions and cause damage to your body. There are many causes that don’t let your weight come down, for example, if you are exercising then maybe you can’t control your diet, result no weight loss. However, the good news is that there are things that can help you in your efforts to lose weight. Let’s read below to see what they are.

Best Ways to Increase Your Weight Loss Efforts

  • The power of calcium against weight loss
  • If you are pudgy then it’s time to get excited because according to research, calcium can significantly improve your body fat burning mechanism, but it can only be done by using low fat calcium. Low fat calcium can be found in bean, tofu, dairy products and sardines. This piece of information is heartening for all those who have been using low calorie diet to lose weight. However, there is a downside; it triggers our body into defensive mode that results in the body clinging to energy-fats. It means is that you will only be starving yourself.
  • Sleep and weight loss
  • There is no denying the fact that sleep is important for your health. It allows the body to regain strength, gives it extra time to recuperate and create new cells. What many people don’t know is that if you are not careful and don’t get proper sleep you will start gaining weight. The reason is quite simple; when you get a good night’s sleep you get good supply of energy and a rested body. This curbs any chance of you getting unnecessarily hungry. When you don’t sleep well you wake up tired and your body demands energy which you accumulate through eating improperly. There are certain bad sleeping habits that you should try to avoid if you plan to live a healthy and normal life. Firstly never pull all nighters on a regular basis. Once or twice a month is acceptable but, if you keep doing it every single night of the week you are not only at a risk of gaining weight but also developing heart problems, weak brain and many more health issues. You should however, know that sleeping immediately after eating dinner is not a great idea. The reason is that when you go to sleep you cannot use energy, which allows the body to store fat. Secondly, you will also face other issues such as, acid reflux, increased chances of stroke and heartburn.
  • The power of protein
  • One of the most common elements in any weight loss programs and regimes is the use of proteins. Most nutritionists and fitness experts rely heavily on proteins when it comes to weight training. Protein is favoured because the body digests is at a slower rate as compared to other foods. Therefore, it helps in balancing out blood sugar levels, which allows you not to eat more and gives you an added advantage of getting no urges to eat. Protein is also fundamental in repairing the muscles, which enables you to easily work out without consuming too much food. Stronger muscles help in creating better metabolism which in turn results in losing weight quickly.
  • Run only when you have eaten properly
  • You probably have this idea that if you eat nothing and go for a run you will end up burning more calories. You couldn’t have been more wrong; according to some experts running on an empty stomach can have some dangerous effects on your body, depending on your previous running habits. Experts state that if a person has been running regularly he/she won’t have a problem running on an empty stomach. However, those who have just started running will face fatigue, pain in their knees and other signs of weakness as soon as they complete the first lap. To overcome this weakness, you will come back home and run to your fridge and eat more, resulting in overeating, meaning gaining weight.
  • Eating late night cannot cause weight gain
  • Late night eating sessions on a regular basis are a huge source of weight gain. Experts have found that certain foods when taken during the night can increase your weight, for instance, mostly people resort to eating cakes and ice creams at night; these are rich in calories that can significantly increase your weight. That is why it is imperative that you don’t rely on these foods. If you get hungry late at night then go for sugar free yogurts or something that does not contain a lot of calories.

  • Lose weight with cardio vascular exercises
  • People also try to lose weight through cardio vascular exercises, commonly known as cardio or aerobics. These are specially designed exercises that help increase the heart rate to 60-85 percent. Cardio or aerobics are usually twenty to thirty minutes long and incredibly effective for burning calories. Cardio vascular exercises help you to lose weight by preventing any fat build up in your body. These exercises are preferred because they focus on toning your body instead of building your muscle, which results in a lean looking figure.

  • Weight loss with hydration

  • Water can be quite effective when it comes to weight loss because it carries waste or digestion residue out of our body. This waste includes toxins and fat cells. Drinking plenty of water can actually help you with your urges to eat heavy meals. Excessive weight gain is harmful in more than one ways, therefore it is very important that you not only exercise regularly, but also adopt healthy habits and lifestyle to stay fit and lean. It allows you to live more actively and reduces the risks of diabetes, heart problems and many other diseases that can cripple your lifestyle.

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