Saturday, June 15, 2013

Tisanoreica Weight Loss Diet Being Launched Saturday

The Italian Cultural Center was the place to be as celebrities from film and TV were on hand for a preview look at the Tisanoreica Diet, Italy’s most popular weight-loss program in Italy.

Tisanorecia CEO Gianluca Mech stated: “What distinguishes this from other weight loss plans are what we call in Italy ‘Decotoppia’–the herbal liquid extracts my family developed during the Renaissance to promote and maintain good health. They’re the original preventive medicine.”

He explained how Tisanoreica products are based on 500-year-old secret herbal formulas, passed down generation by generation. As the heir apparent of the family’s legacy, he embarked on an ambitious 10-year research program, in conjunction with the University of Padua to create a weight-loss program based on the time-honored herbal extracts. The diet will be officially introduced to America on Saturday at the Cipriani Hotel, Pico and Beverwil.

Italian Consul General Giuseppe Perrone welcomed a packed audience to Mech’s presentation at Sala Rosellini Theater in Westwood. Among the celebrities attending the dinner presentation were Nastassja Kinski, Maria Conchita Alonso, ballroom dancing champion Mary Murphy (So You Think You Can Dance), Michael Marisi Ornstein (Sons Of Anarchy), Eye On LA producer and writer of The Legends Of Laurel CanyonTina Malave.

The Tisanoreica company holds an international patent on the tonics, which combine 10 or more individual herbs to create agents with unique synergistic properties that stimulate the body’s metabolism. The Tisanoreica Diet includes both the herbal tonics as well as line of herbal-infused food products. Scientific, evidence-based research has shown that the average adult can expect to lose 20 pounds in 40 days.

During the presentation, Mech said that he, too, is on the Tisanoreica maintenance diet. At 43-years old, the trim and fit Mech gives an appearance of a man at least 10 years younger and hardly needing a weigh-loss program. He shared that obesity ran in his family and was an issue and that despite his best efforts, he was becoming overweight until he became the first to devise the Tisanoreica Diet based on the Decottopia herbal extracts.

Following Mech’s presentation, guests were treated to a gourmet Italian feast using the Tisanoreica products, created for the evening by chef Giuseppe Gentile of Fico, a popular Italian bistro in Los Angeles. Among the dishes were cheese pizza appetizers, polpetini (mini meatballs) and mushroom sauce, pasta with a traditional Bolognese sauce, braised beef ribs with vegetables, a casserole of zucchini, rice and Parmesan cheese and for dessert, vanilla profiteroles and chocolate-blackberry tarts.

“No one on the Tisanoreica Diet will ever starve,” laughed Mech, during the dinner. “We now know from research that depriving the body of calories in an effort to lose weight only creates a yo-yo effect where ultimately, more weight is gained. The key to losing weight is stimulating the metabolism through natural herbs until the ideal weight is achieved and then maintaining it.

“Tisanoreica is more than just a diet. It’s a lifestyle that begins with weight loss and continues with health eating habits made easier through our unique, all natural herbal-infused products,” he added.
The diet products are available now online( and soon at select retail and other outlets.

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