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Breast Implantation: Know What Are The Risk

For many woman, getting a boob job means looking better. They can finally fill out that top nicely. The next time they hit the beach, they can walk around with a bikini top that shows off their new and enhanced body.
However, breast implantation isn't all fun and games. If you’re not careful with the doctor you choose and if you don’t take care of yourself well enough, you’ll be faced with a variety of risks. Know the pros and cons of getting breast enhancement surgery. That way, you’re ready to face any possible outcome.

Risks Involved
While most of the women who have undergone breast implantation have been more than satisfied with outcome, there are also a number of stories wherein they’ve experienced the following complications:

1. Capsular Contracture
This is when a scar grows inside your breasts, making them look fake. But the worst part is when you feel the pain. It’s a good thing that surgeons have found a way to avoid this. You can lower the risk by asking the doctor to put the implant under the muscle.

2. Mammogram Clarity
Doctors may have a hard time viewing breast tissue during mammograms when there are implants involved. Again, putting the implants under the muscle tissue allows the surgeon to view as much as 90% of what’s inside your breasts.

3. Displacement
This is when implants move after surgery. This can be corrected, but it’s another night for you at the hospital and more money out of your pockets.

4. Leaking
Doctors use 2 types of breast implants: saline or silicone. When the implants aren’t filled to the brim. A portion folds over, causing it to chafe and leak. You’ll soon notice that one breast is significantly smaller than the other.

5. Rippling
Slight waves where the implants are placed start to appear on the surface of your skin. So, you end up wit uneven and dimply breasts.

6. Numbness
Numbness in the nipple area can be common, especially after surgery. However, doctors say that this is perfectly normal. Just don’t expect to get the same kind of sensation once you've had your breasts augmented.

7. Infection
This can be a scary thing. Breast implantation infections don’t happen too often, but if it does, your doctor should require you to go through a round of antibiotics and then have the implants removed. You can go through the surgery only after 6 months, when your body has healed properly.

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