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Progesteril Users Get Their Questions Answers

1. It is good and advisable to take soy for menopause hot flashes? How much it is recommended? It is harmful to the body? We must rest seasonally or you can take then?

Soy is great. Chinese women have taken it since time immemorial and interestingly they do not have a word for hot flashes. We take soy, because it has a high percentage of protein, has phytoestrogens, decreases the amount of calcium lost, which also comes in handy for osteoporosis. In addition, it is also good for memory and mood. What I advise you is to find a product that besides giving you the soy ingredients it has something to deal with other symptoms of menopause. A good example of such a product is progesteril. Progesteril menopause cream is all natural and judging from the many progesteril reviews, the product is also affordable.

2. Is there a relationship between subclinical hypothyroidism and premature menopause?

Yes there is a direct relationship. It is very common, most women have little thyroid failure within the physiological resolves with the hormonal adjustment. In cases of early menopause you will not be forced to supplement with hormone replacement therapy.

3. Are there are differences in relation to serious side effects, from HRT administered both orally and by other means? What is the maximum time that you would recommend to take them?

It is best to take the estrogen in patch form, together with progesterone. Progesterone is always oral. To take care of the symptoms of menopause it will be three years with the therapy, if it is an early menopause or if you can have your ovaries removed, the time varies, depending on age and other factors.

4. If menopause is a normal stage of the physiology of women would it not be better to not take any medication?

I agree. The first thing is to get used to the stage and adjust your exercise and diet. But sometimes it is not enough, so we need help with supplements, some Chinese herbs, homeopathy ... And in other cases, administered therapies. Delivery is also natural and some women require cesarean sections. Blessed be the cesarean. Each case is different. If you do not need drugs, perfect.

5. How can you recognize a first stage of early menopause? What are the symptoms? Can it be early menopause related to endometriosis?

It is not related to endometriosis. If you have not had your periods for one year, you might be experiencing menopause. The gynaecologist is the one to tell you.

6. I am Mary and I am 53 years and I experience many hot flashes. How long does it take to disappear completely? What I can do to overcome them? .Thanks
Theoretically it will take two years for them to disappear. Take care of your diet and exercise, to see how it goes.

7. What causes late or early menopauses?

There are many factors. One is genetics. Another is, according to the Chinese, if there has been a significant energy loss and the context of women, have had many children, prolonged lactation, stress etc... Another important one is thyroid failure, which sometimes is familiar.

8. Good afternoon, what preventive measures - in general can be taken duringmenopause

It is a change that youcannot escape, but that does not mean it must be bad. You will emerge stronger. You have resources to cope with change, such as diet, exercise, introspection techniques, non-conventional medicine and, above all, practice the joy of living, meet and participate in peer groups that share the same experience and enjoy. You have already raised children, now you have to enjoy, travel, sign up for courses you had outstanding ... now is the time. With these resources faces this time, knowing that the discomforts are not forever, but only last a season.

9. If menopause occurs abnormally soon, are there methods to delay it?

If menopause has arrived and it is premature, you may need to do hormone replacement therapy, there is no other way out. If you do not take hrt, osteoporosis can occur very soon. And keep moving on with normal life, without thinking all day about your menopause.

Parting shot
During and after menopause, everything changes. And it is in the hand of every woman to always look for better life. Menopause is a new stage of fullness with much energy as any other stage of life. It is true that we have many undesired symptoms but that doesn't make us lesser women. We should embrace it and live with it like it doesn't mean anything.

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