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Does Tequila Really Help to Loose Weight?

Although Tequila may not necessarily contained all the nutrients, the sugars contained therein are believed to have an impact on weight loss. The discovery brings about some kind of relief to people with diabetes and obesity.

A research conducted on Tequila indicates that the sugar elements in it have the ability to reduce levels of glucose in blood especially in people suffering from type 2 diabetes. In people with obesity, these sugars can aid in weight loss

What then could the wonder sugar be? Yes, this is indeed a wonder. Agavin, a certain type of natural sugar obtained from the plant agave, is a raw material for making the Tequila drink. What is more surprising about these sugars is that they aren’t similar to those used to make agave syrup. Besides, they are not digestible, a thing that makes them unable to increase blood sugar levels, researchers in Mexico have revealed

In order to authenticate the findings, a team of scientific researchers fed mice on a normal diet but mixed agavins with water and this too was given to the mice. Results indicated that mice that fed on agavins exhibited suppressed appetite and their blood contained decreased glucose levels. As compared to other artificially obtained sweeteners including agave syrup and aspartame, the effects of agavin were tremendous.

More so, a group of mice that fed on agavins emitted GLP-1, a hormone associated with keeping the stomach full for a long time as well insulin. Production of the latter clearly points out to the significance agavins could bear on people with trouble losing weight and those battling with diabetes.

As a result, agavins may prove to be very helpful to people with obesity and diabetes. The study authors are quick to register their optimism that agavins could offer the much-needed solution to weight loss and diabetes. Although agavins are regarded as sugars, they are actually fructans which refers to long chain of fructoses that can be absorbed and digested by the human body.

Unlike glucose and sucrose – which are absorbed and broken down in the blood stream - agavins remain intact. Further finding have revealed that consuming agavins can help to maintain a balance of glucose in blood. The fact that they are fibre in nature, it is possible that consuming agavins may result into a decreased appetite thereby making you feel satiated for a longer period of time.

Although the results are promising, the research was conducted on mice meaning that it is not yet ready for human use. However, looking at the preliminary results, there is no doubt this everything is moving on well. Besides, it offers the reason why many people are likely to turn to Tequila just to have a taste of what is in the offing. Thanks to these great tips for weight loss!

The most confusing thing is that agave and agavins are obtained from a similar plant. Although agave syrup is produced by simply boiling agavins, the former does not offer any health benefits to the body. But to the surprise of many, people with diabetes are deceived into buying agave syrup. Alison Evert, R.D, a co-author of the 2013 statement on diabetic nutrition recommendations warns that consuming agave syrup can lead to weight gain and aggravated symptoms. It is important to note that while agavins are fructans, agave syrup contains high levels of fructose just like the corn syrup.

Perhaps the reason why people should shun using agave syrup lies in the fact that when it is consumed, the high fructose contents are retained in the liver thereby exposing you to the risk of developing belly fat. According to a research published in the American Medical Association Journal in 2013, there are chances that fructose increases hunger pangs which may lead to overeating.

That aside, Lopez has reaffirmed that agavins is likely to hit the hit the market very soon. However, before then it would be better if you stuck to your natural honey and maple syrup as better food sweetener options. In this case, if you are suffering from diabetes, then keeping of sweets and eating diets that are rich in nutrients such as whole grains, lean meat, fruits and vegetables daily will help you to manage your condition. This is a recommendation by the American Diabetes Association.

In summary, keeping to the right diets will increase your chances of losing weight fast. What is more important is for anyone thinking of losing weight to seek weight loss help from a qualified health practitioner. Although many people tend to ignore this advice, there is need for everyone to take precautions especially when it comes to choosing natural weight loss supplements. Currently, the market has been flooded with different types of diet supplements some of which are not scientifically tested and approved. Keep a distance and you will not regret!


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