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How To Stop Thumb Sucking

Thumb sucking is a human behavior that is usually manifested by placing the thumb inside the mouth and repeatedly sucking the thumb for long duration. This may be a displayed habit most especially by the kids. Thumb sucking may appear to have soothing effect to other people but there are some who are getting serious on how to stop thumb sucking. Thumb sucking is a habit done for oral gratification. It is commonly normal especially to children because it serves as source of pleasure and comfort.

Thumb Sucking

When It Will Stop

There are researches that states that thumb sucking normally stops at the age of five but for those who are not counted in the said age bracket that still displays this behavior are staring to engage in the most effective way on how to stop thumb sucking that is no longer appropriate for their age. Funny to say that the eagerness to make this behavior disappear is counted on the new years’ resolution list of some individuals. How to stop thumb sucking is really difficult especially of thumb sucking already becomes an intense part of your system.


Experts states that there are probable reasons why a person is engage into this kind of habit or behavior and this may include trauma. In the case of babies, thumb sucking is just a natural thing but when they reach older age and their teeth are starting to grow, thumb sucking is no longer helpful because there is the tendency of hurting their fingers and getting undesirable alignment of their teeth. Whatever the reason may be, one important thing is that professional help about the effective ways on how to stop thumb sucking are readily available for all individuals concern.

How to Stop

There are effective ways on how to stop thumb sucking after the New Year. In the case of babies, parents are given the full responsibility of helping their child break the habit of thumb sucking. Although getting this thing happen is very difficult because thumb sucking is proven to be tied to a child’s emotion. For parents, it is better limiting their Thumb sucking especially in public. Don’t let your child be teased because it may just increase their denials of overcoming thumb sucking. Engaging to some home remedies, therapies and thumb sucking procedures will also help on how to stop thumb sucking eventually.


There are reliable products and services that are being offered to children and all other individuals concerned to help them on how to stop thumb sucking habit. Non-toxic thumb paint is being painted on the child’s thumb that provides a foul taste once they suck. This product may be of great help in discouraging the child to stop thumb sucking. Story books, colorful but educational toys and cute illustrations can also help in diverting the child’s attention into other useful things. This may also encourage his involvement in doing stuffs and activities with the said products. Therefore, thumb sucking will be reduced and who knows, the child may forget to suck his thumb eventually.

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