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Safe Bodybuilding Practices

When lifting weights and trying to build muscle, safe bodybuilding practices are very important. Without exercising proper safety, the chance of injury is increased dramatically. Bodybuilding requires a lot of discipline and hard work.

Lifting heavy weights is all part of the process of building a strong, muscular body. However, when handled incorrectly, heavy weights can cause a lot of damage to the human body.

Safe Bodybuilding Practices

An injury like a torn rotator cuff can stop someone from lifting weights for months. It’s ironic that many of the basic lifting methods are crucial for safe bodybuilding.

Proper Warm-up and Cool down

Properly warming up and cooling down help dramatically to make bodybuilding safer. Someone who is bodybuilding should always start with some warm-up exercises. Since everyone has a different body, there is no such thing as the perfect warm-up or cool down.

However, it’s a good idea to aim for about 15 minutes of warm-up exercise, which is important to get blood flowing efficiently. After lifting heavy weights, it’s important to cool down. Bodybuilders can simply do five minutes of stretching for an adequate cool down.

Low to High

A common problem that novice bodybuilders make is starting too heavy. Although it might seem like a good idea to start lifting as heavy as possible, it’s actually detrimental and unsafe. It’s very important to start with lighter weights and work your way up.

After one or two sets with lighter weights, you can increase the weight that you’re lifting. By starting with lighter weights, you’re dramatically decreasing your chance of injury. Much like an automobile should be warmed before being driven, muscles also require a proper warm up.

Understand Your Limits

Every human body is different. The only way to discover the limits of various muscles groups is to test them. It shouldn’t take more than a few workouts to determine the limits of each of your muscle groups. By understanding what your body’s limits are, you will be able to avoid going beyond your limits.

It’s common for bodybuilders to overestimate their body’s limit, which leads to lifting too heavy and injuries. Once you know your limits, you will be able to prevent serious injury. However, this tip doesn’t mean that you should lift weights that are too light to stimulate muscle growth.

Don’t Feed Your Ego

Another safe bodybuilding practice is to avoid ego feeding. Upon entering their gym, most men feel like they’re there to impress someone. It’s important to understand that the gym is not a bodybuilding competition.

When feeding your ego through lifting weights that are too heavy, it’s much harder to make progress, and you set yourself up for serious injuries, which can put a temporary end to your bodybuilding efforts. Understand that bodybuilding is a slow process, and virtually any process used to dramatically change a body’s appearance is going to take a lot of time.

Another safe bodybuilding practice is the use of a spotter, which is a person or machine that prevents injury. A spotter is a person or machine that is always ready to grab a weight when the lifter cannot complete a rep. These are some simple but effective safe bodybuilding practices that can be implemented immediately. This has been a post from the Aussie Vince Del Monte website. If you'd like to know how to get beefed up within 6 months, you need to check out Vince's problem.

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