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Must Read Facts about Diabetes

We often hear people asking how to cure diabetes, and medical doctors’ usual answers is –there is no cure for diabetes. Then people will be saddened by this fact, but they should not be because there are wide varieties of treatments available for them. With the world’s present technologies, it is not impossible that one day, our industrious scientists and researches will be able to find or even developed a real cure for diabetes.

Here are some facts that you should know about diabetes:
  • Global epidemic emergence of diabetes can be associated with the rapid increases of obesity, physical inactivity and overweight.
  • In year 2030, diabetes will be the 7th leading causes of deaths according to World Health Organization.
  • 80% of World Health Organization documented deaths from diabetes came from the developing countries.
  • Every second, one out of ten individuals with diabetes dies.
  • Type I Diabetes is formerly known as Juvenile diabetes.
  • An individual with type I diabetes are not capable of producing insulin.
  • Type II diabetes can produce insulin, only that it is insufficient for the human body requirements.
  • Type II diabetes are more common case than of Type I diabetes.
  • Children with type II diabetes are now emerging worldwide.
  • There is another type of diabetes known today as gestational diabetes.
  • Person with diabetes do not actually die because of the disease. They died because of the complications associated with their current condition.
  • Prevention of diabetes to occur in an individual with diabetic blood line is possible.
  • Few minutes of drastic exercise or physical activities daily can help reduce the threat of having type II diabetes.
  • Well balanced diet is vital for individual with diabetes.
  • Almost 30% of the populations are not aware that they actually have onset diabetes.
  • Type I diabetes cases are lower than type II diabetes cases.
  • Symptoms of type I and type II diabetes are almost the same.
  • Person with diabetes should have a daily meal plan.
  • Person with Insulin dependent diabetes should not be involved in long and drastic activities. The human body needs energy from the glucose breakdown.
  • Diabetes can also be associated with blindness that occurs in working adults.
  • Individual with diabetes have high risk of developing heart diseases.
  • Having diabetes is more costly than having tuberculosis.
  • Diabetes needs lifetime treatment.
  • Diabetic person should avoid intake of starchy foods like pasta, bread, rice potatoes and other root crops.
  • Insulin is the prime responsible to transfer glucose from the blood to the human cells.
  • Not all persons with diabetes are fat.
  • Both Type I and Type II diabetes is a lifetime condition that have serious impending life threatening risk.
  • Genital itching is possible symptoms of diabetes.
  • Drastic weight loss can also be a symptom of diabetes.
  • Slow wound healing is a concrete symptom of high glucose in blood.
  • Diabetes can cause kidney failure that may lead to human death.

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