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Boost Your Metabolism with Detox Drink

As we get older, our metabolism gets slower. Fact is, studies have shown that metabolism naturally slows about 5% per decade after the age of 40.
What is metabolism anyway? Metabolism, involves a complex network of hormones and enzymes that work together to convert the food we eat into energy so our bodies can function. The more efficient our metabolism, the better our bodies work in burning calories and the more fit we become.
The conclusion is to keep your metabolism revved. Keep a healthy diet of low calorie – high protein foods, exercise and build muscle if you can, stay active, detox every once in a while and of course hydrate.

Detox Diet
Speaking of the latter, Detox works by jump starting your metabolism, a lot like a cleaning up your hard drive and reformatting your computer. Furthermore, the other important thing not to forget to do is to HYDRATE. And when you are hydrating it is important to do so with liquids that are enriched with the essential vitamins and minerals such as the drink below.

This drink is enriched with Cucumbers, Mint and Lemon.

Cucumbers are low in calories, with only 45 calories with the skin on. High in fiber and in vitamins C, K and A. It is rich in Potassium, Iron, and Calcium. It is also a diuretic, which keeps you from holding in water weight and flushing out unwanted toxins.

Lemons, aside from being naturally energizing, are excellent at hydrating, detoxifying, and oxygenating your system. It keeps your Ph in balance and your skin clearer. It is also good for your digestive system.
Lemons are also high in Calcium, Vitamin C, and potassium.

Mint freshens your breath! It cleanses the stomach lining while soothing the digestive tract and reducing irritated bowel syndrome. It aids in eliminating toxins from the body while cleaning out blood vessels as well.
You will need:
  • Lemon
  • 1/2 a cucumber
  • a handful of fresh mint leaves
1. Slice the cucumber and lemons thinly. Keep in mind that the more slices you cut the more flavor you will be getting out of it.
2. Grab the handful of fresh mint.
3. Throw them all into a gallon of water and let sit over night (about 8 hours) for it to soak up all the vitamins and minerals.
4. Wake up and drink your detoxifying concoction throughout the day!
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